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Vibrating Equipments

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I will be negotiating with a Refrigeration Company (supplier, fabricator of refrigeration equipments and machinaries) tomorrow and a friend of mine who is working in the said refrigeration company informed me that most the structural design works to be done are foundation design for vibrating equipments or should I say foundation design for industrial equipments. My questions are:

1. Can anyone informed us how should we charge (professional fee) the refrigeration company for the works to be done since this is the first time our company will be engaging in such work?

2. Some of the structural dynamics books I have read stated that, the easiest way to derive the loadings for a vibrating equipment is to get the total weight of the equipment and multiply it by 2. Meaning, use 2P for loadings. Is there anything else I could use for deriving such loadings?

We would really appreciate all information you can share to us. Thank you in advance to everyone.

Jonathan G. Sevilla, PE
Trans-Agalma Group