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Comp: Need recommendation for Laptop Network Card

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I realize this is not an engineering subject but I need to make a fast decision and I'm sure some of you out there can help. I received a DSL modem from GTE and need to hook it up to my laptop. I am completely lost in the number of NIC (Network Interface Cards) available for Laptops and the price range is from about $50.00 to $175.00.
The only computer requirement recommended with the DSL modem is a 10base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card.
I don't want to invest more than I need since in a few months I will put my three computers (2 laptops and a desktop) on a wireless network which requires all new equipment (the DSL will then be connected to the desktop). So, until then, I only need to connect my laptop to the DSL modem and will have no other need for the Ethernet PC-Card.
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