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Re: Structures to divert sliding snow @ eave

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I have some info here on. Give me a chance to locate it and I will 
fax it to you. 

Excuse my tardiness, I am sending you a summary of our 
discussions when I was in Missuola. You know how it is, out of the 
office for a few days and it takes forever to catch back up.

Peter McCormack

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Subject:        	Structures to divert sliding snow @ eave
Date sent:      	Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:54:09 -0600
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> Does anybody have any experience in designing snow diversion structures at
> roof eaves.  
> I am trying to allow for snow to slide off the roof while at the same time
> breaking the snow up and keeping it from sliding far away from the eave.
> I need info on calculating the force of sliding snow and would also
> appreciate any  examples of said structures.
> If this is unclear, or you would like further info, you can email me
> directly at 
> brackman(--nospam--at)
> Steve Brackman