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Re: Vibrating Equipments

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Thank you very much P. Rajendran for the info.

I would like to ask one more thing. Could you, and those who are interested to suggest, give us an idea on the professional fee ( I mean. how?) that we should ask the Client for the structural works to be done on this kind of work? I think, some of the equipments will be founded in ground (with padding, footing etc.) and some will be supported by platforms.

We thank you again.

Jonathan Sevilla, PE
Trans-Agalma Group

seaint(--nospam--at) wrote:

>If the equipment can producing vibration that has to be contended with 
>design, the equipment manufacturer will provide the forces for which supports 
>should be designed for.  Ask the manufacturer about his experience with the 
>typical foundation for similar installations.
>Incidentally, many of the so called "vibration producing equipment" do not 
>produce serious dynamic loading on the foundation.  For example, many of the 
>compressors can be installed on a nominal concrete pad.  If you have more 
>information about the refrigeration equipment, please let me know. 
>P. Rajendran
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