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Re: tube brace

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It looks as if this has been beat to death already.  Let me make two
different points. First, make sure you use 0.93t for the wall
thickness.  If you have the HSS manual, you can find updated properties
in there.  It may make a difference in you b/t calc.  Second, try a pipe
- you might be better off as it has a different b/t ratio requirement.

Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT

Matthew Jordan wrote:
> greetings esteemed group,
> a quick question of code interpretation
> sec. 2213.8.2.5 limits b/t ratio for tube braces. It says RECTANGULAR tubes.
> We are debating whether the code means all tubes or tubes that are not
> square i.e. a rectangle. AISC uses 190/root Fy generically.
> thanks
> matt Jordan