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Re: Virus Software - InoculateIT

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     I've been experiencing a bit a problem (no pun intended).  I have been
getting the same 7 messages from the list for about three days.  I had
Innoculate and invoked it but found no virus.  I called the server today and
they deleted the first 8 messages and the 128 new messages waiting came
through but I got "mouse lock" and re-booted and so far it's OK.  I
uninstalled Innoculate and found one called "Panda"  from Tucows that I'm on
the 30 day trial with.  I also found some interesting things at the
following address:


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Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 2:55 PM
Subject: RE: Virus Software - InoculateIT

>I used to live in Tulsa, which was a "hub" for the route you mention.
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>Perhaps it is a Dallas bug that somehow left for B'Ville piggybacking on
>last tornado.