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RE: Bidding ethics

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If he is private sector, there ARE no rules. This is no different than you,
as a consumer, soliciting a price for a new car from two different auto
dealers, then going back to the guy that you "liked better" whose price was
a little high, and asking him if he can meet the other guy's price.

The laws of the free market govern, here. For example, if someone gets a rep
for doing this, others won't want to do business with him, so the system
polices itself.

If the client is private sector, he is engaging (suddenly!) in bid-rigging,
and could be jailed.

Yes, it's weird, but there are two sets of rules depending upon who the
client is.

And insofar as its being "done all the time in his industry", he's right.
It's the CONTRACTOR who is coming into the OWNER'S territory, not the other
way around. It's a simple concept: Follow the money. The guy who pays, makes
the rules.

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Is there a written code of bidding ethics for projects in the construction