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Re: cmu wall support on steel " I" BM

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In a message dated 4/8/00 4:37:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
smaxwell(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Second, if the beam requires reinforcment, then this can be accomplished
 1) welding the bars to the top of the beam...this is not the most
 desirable option, since I believe this weld can be rather brittle and
 difficult to accomplish...also you need to make sure that the rebar you
 are using the appropriately weldable.  Also, typically this means field
 welding because bars welded in the shop would likely be knocked off during
 transporation. >>

If the top of the steel beam has (vertical?) welded rebars to the cmu wall, 
it than makes a composite action.  The steel beam becomes the bottom tension 
bar of the cum wall.  I suspect this will exceed the maximum allowed 
reinforcing for the cmu beam.  Now what?

Recently I designed a two wythe brick lintel with WT section at the bottom to 
hold up the bricks.  Because the lintel was only 24" deep, I welded vertical 
A706 bars to WT at 8"o.c. with a hook at the top for shear reinforcing.  If 
the WT section is considered bottom tension reinforcing for the lintel, it is 
than over reinforced.  Any suggestions of how this condition can be looked 

Thank you,

Bradley Smith