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RE: ETABS - live loads on Rigid Diaphr.

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In ETABS when you apply a mass through the mass layout screen, those loads
are only used for determining seismic loads.  The mass applied to the
structure is not a load, meaning that you will not see any reactions at the
column from the applied mass.  There is one other way to apply loads to the
structure other than line and point loads.  You can model floor plates and
load the structure with floor dead and live loads.  
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	In modeling a structure, I used rigid diaphragms at various levels.
Now, I am
	sure how to apply a live load onto the diaphragm.  I am aware of
using mass
	loads but this would not be appropriate if the load is a live load.
Is using
	line loads and point loads the only  way?

	edward arrington