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RE: Properties for M14x17.2 during 1970

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Following is info. for a 14x4 B (B standing for light beam) section weighing
17.2 lbs per ft.from the AISC Manual , 6th edition.  The B and M sections
were mixed together in the same table.

Depth 14.00 inches
Width 4.00 inches
Average flange thickness 0.272 inches
Web thickness 0.210 inches
Area 5.05 inches^2
Weight 17.2 lbs/ft.
rx 5.40 inches
Sxx 21.0 inches^3
Ixx 147.3 inches^4
ry 0.72 inches
Syy 1.32 inches^3
Iyy 2.65 inches^4

The section is non-compact in A242, A440 and A441 steel.


Harry Olive, P.E., P.Eng.
Neill and Gunter 

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> Does anyone know the steel properties for M14x17.2 during 1970 period?