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Two types of building vibrations

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A proposed building:
     2-story steel frame, 120' x 50'
     2nd floor:  steel beams, steel joists, concrete slab on steel deck
     Roof:  steel beams, steel joists, steel deck
     Exterior walls:  steel studs, 4" brick veneer
     Foundation:  concrete spread footings @ 42" below grade, no basement
Problem A:  I have purchased, and look forward to learning how to use, FLOORVIB2, "software to analyze floors for annoying vibrations."  After I've made a stab at it, I'd like for someone to look over my shoulder, if possible.  Anyone using this program?
Problem B:  The long dimension of the building is parallel to a set of railroad tracks, whose center is about 34' from the building line.  A geotechnical report has been provided, but I find no mention of the vibration potential from the tracks.  Can anyone offer guidance?
John P. Riley, PE
Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa