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Re: Code Soil Values vs. Site Specific

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I'm not sure, but doesn't Dallas have a basketball team also?  You keep
forgetting to mention them.  How are they doing?  How did that Rodman thing work

Rick Drake, SE
Laker fan

P. S.  We don't talk about the Clippers.  we let Sports Illustrated do that.


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Subject:  Re: Code Soil Values vs. Site Specific


What one has to remember that Edmonton has 5 Cups, Dallas  1.  And we love to
come back as underdogs.  But they are  young.

Bruce Davison, P.Eng.
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Subject: RE: Code Soil Values vs. Site  Specific

In Edmonton, Alberta building officials are enforcing Article of the
Alberta Building Code (National Building Code) which requires a  geotechnical
investigation for each project falling under Part 4 of the Code  (ie structures
over 6000 sf).

My practice has, and continues  to be requiring geotechnical information either
by prior investigation or  confirmation of assumed conditions by direct
inspection and field tests during  construction by the structural engineer of
record or his represenative.   Assumed conditions are obtained from previous
geotechnical investigations near  or adjacent to the specific site.

My own experience has shown that construction method has had a  greater impact
on cost than design method.

B.Davison, P.Eng
RND Engineering  Ltd
Edmonton, Alberta


Dear B. Davison:

It appears that Dallas and Edmonton have something in common  after all!  I am
amazed that site-specific geotechnical investigations  are not required
everywhere in North America, considering that foundation  problems annually
result in more property damage than all other causes  combined.

I am sorry about the recent performance of your Oilers, but  they will soon be
out of their misery for another year!;^>


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Hockey Heaven,  Texas