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Way Off Topic...Sorry!

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Title: Way Off Topic...Sorry!


Except for Michael Finley (UW Badger), Dallas doesn't have an NBA team, and never has had one.  That is just another nasty rumor!  On the other hand, Mark Cuban (the founder of recently paid a record shattering price for some sort of local sports franchise.  I was at Reunion Arena for the Stars game last night and walked past the Mavericks store.  It was all locked up and the lights were off, but there was a sign on the door that said "all Rodman merchandise is now 50% off!"  It's pretty clear that when they got Rodman, what they really needed was a party chief!  I repeat, Dallas does NOT have a legitimate NBA team!

When I hear about the Clippers, it's usually from Jay Leno.  I cancelled my subscription to Sports Illustrated when they picked Ron Dayne (UW Badger) as one of college football's greatest disappointments in 1999.  Enough of this babble; I'm going home to do taxes, and the rest of you should get back to work!


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I'm not sure, but doesn't Dallas have a basketball team also?  You keep forgetting to mention them.  How are they doing?  How did that Rodman thing work out?

Rick Drake, SE
Laker fan

P. S.  We don't talk about the Clippers.  we let Sports Illustrated do that.