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Payloader Slab Design

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How would one appropriately design for heavy equipment loads on a concrete slab? 

We have a grain storage building with a 4' reclaim pit over which a reinforced concrete slab will span.  Is using AASHTO moment formulas (sections & 2) and scaling for a 86 kip Payloader (with impact), appropriate?  It seems the Payloader wheel distribution would be significantly different from a HS 20 truck.  Using 3.30, Tire Contact Area, assuming 40 kip on each wheel, A = .01*40,000lb = 400 in^2, which gives length = 31.6" and width = 12.7"  which seems in the ballpark...

Also, AASHTO 3.24.4, which states that shear would not need to be checked, seems to be a clearly inappropriate assumption to make in this particular situation.  But what would the assumed shear distribution be, 12.7"?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ed Fasula, E.I.T.