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RE: field welded moment connection design

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Title: RE: field welded moment connection design

>what [is] the effect is of [a] column
>not being continuous above the
>[moment] connection [at the roof
>framing].  Can anyone point me
>to an example of a field welded
>moment connection design for
>this condition?

One detail that may work for you is to make the beam continuous over the top of the column and connect the column to the beam with the moment conection. That'll probably make the detail a lot cleaner from a connection standpoint. Welding may be a bit mor costly, though. Perhaps consider using an end plated moment connection there.

Otherwise, take a look at the column-top details for moment conections in AISC Design Guide #13."">

That design guide covers column stiffening requirements, but that is really what impact a column-top location has on the moment conection.