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Re: Sill Pl's and the 97 Code

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The 3x requirement at shear loads in excess of 350plf is for edge nailing at adjacent panel edges,  so on raised floor construction you can use a 3x mud-sill, then a standard rim with clips to mud sill, and plywood sub-floor. Then a 2x sole plate for the shearwall with 20d thru sub-floor into the rim.  Careful detailing of edge nailing is needed for second story or cripple wall conditions.   If you detail a 1/2" gap in plywood at the middle of the rim joist it pretty well insures that only one row of edge nailing will occur on a 2x sole or top plate.   See ATC 7 for several good example details for this connection. 
Robert Shaffer, PE
Santa Cruz, CA
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Sent: Monday, April 17, 2000 10:30 AM
Subject: Sill Pl's and the 97 Code

How are people dealing with the 1997 code provisions for 3x min sill plates (V > 350 plf) at elevated floor conditions?
Alternates?  Assume a typical 4" E.N. w/ 510 plf capacity, nothing dramatic.
heavy rim joist w/ lag screws from sill to rim?
20d nailing? (I don't think 20d is readily available in nail guns, am I right?)
Looking for input.
Paul Feather