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Re: Re: field welded moment connection design

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My AISC Steel Design Guide Series #3 is "Serviceability Design Considerations
for Low-Rise Buildings".  I did not see a top of column detail in it.  Could
you possible mean another guide, or is there another series of guides I don't

Also, I know of the beam over column detail, but I have always felt
uncomfortable detailing it as a moment connection.  When I have done it in
the past I have designed the plate to carry a force couple from  the bolts
that attach the beam to the plate.  Is there a standard detail for this to
get a moment connection between the beam and column?  Could you explain a
little more what this detail would look like?


seaint(--nospam--at) writes:
One detail that may work for you is to make the beam continuous over the top
of the column and connect the column to the beam with the moment conection.
That'll probably make the detail a lot cleaner from a connection standpoint.
Welding may be a bit mor costly, though. Perhaps consider using an end
plated moment connection there.

Otherwise, take a look at the column-top details for moment conections in
AISC Design Guide #13.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team