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Re: Lb and inflection points.

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Salmon & Johnso are right.  See Pages 468 and 469 of the "Guide To Stability
Design Criteria For Metal Structures", 5th Edition, by Galambos for a discussion
regarding why an inflection point cannot laterally brace a beam.  Also, try to
attend the Stability seminars by Yura and Hellwig when they come close to your
area.  They also discuss the point.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA


MRodrig273(--nospam--at) on 04/17/2000 04:11:14 PM

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Subject:  Lb and inflection points.

This subject have probably been discussed before, but here it goes again.

Back in school I recall being able to use inflection points as braced,
therefore allowing me to use my unbraced length to be the distance between
inflection points for areas with negative moments, specifially for continuous
beam design.

As I researched the theory more, I found in the Salmon and Johnson book 4th
edition page 510-511.  Inflection points should not be used as braced points.

Could someone please enlitten me with their theory on this matter.


Marlou B. Rodriguez