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RE: Study materials for Structural I exam

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I would say _yes_.

The Struct II exam is much tougher and the majority of the people don't
pass it first time least that is my understanding and was true
in my case, as well as several everyone that I have ever personally known
to take it.

Someone mentioned the NCEES book.  I considered it work the $60 or so just
the one short section on grading methodology and philosophy section plus
the sections on how they grade each of the sample problems.  I did not
specifically practice the various problems, but did read through how they
graded them which gave insight into what they look for.

With regards to the Structures I exam, I felt that it was easier than the
Civil PE exam...mainly because as a structural engineer I don't do things
like waste water systems design, highway/traffic design, etc.  Structures
I problems are ALL structural problems and that is what I do for a living!
<grin>  Presumably, if you have been out working for 4 years, there
shouldn't be any thing new on the exam for you.  The possible exception is
for those people who have not been exposed to wood or masonry on the job
since most structural college programs don't address either and there is a
problem of each on the exam (you should recieve from NCEES or that testing
agency actually running the test a desription of the what the 8 problems
will cover in basic terms...1 concrete, 1 steel, 1 bridge, 1 masonry, 1
wood, 1 lateral (wind/seismic), 1 foundation/retaining wall, and 1
"special performance" (called it general "catch all")).

Hope that helps.

Scott Maxwell

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Todd Hill wrote:

> Is there really a big difference between the Struct I & Struct II exams?
> Besides maybe the complexity?
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> Subject: RE: Study materials for Structural I exam
> I got a book titled "Structural Engineering License Review: Problems and
> Solutions (Second Edition)," by Alan Williams, Ph.D., S.E., C.Eng.,
> published 1997 by Engineering Press, P.O. Box 200129, Austin, TX 78720-0129.
> ISBN 1-57645-016-3.
> Seems very complete. I think Amazon had it for <$60.
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> Subject: Study materials for Structural I exam
> Does anyone know of any good study materials for the Structural I exam?  I
> ordered the NCEES book, and I'm not too impressed.