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RE: Study materials for Structural I exam

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The Western States or California exam is written and used in California, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Washington recently dropped this exam and adopted the NCEES exam and added a 4 hour seismic supplemental exam.  From what I read on this server, the remaining states including California may soon follow this example.  The difference from my understanding since I have not seen the NCEES exam is amount of questions concentrated towards seismic as dictated by the UBC.

>>> dpantazis(--nospam--at) 04/18/00 11:35AM >>>
Slightly off topic, but when you talk about the Structures I and Structures
II exams, I presume that you mean the NCEES exam.

What is the difference, if any with the NCEES exam and the 'Western States
Exam?' I was under the impression that CA and WA follow the "Western
States," or is that only for the PE?