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RE: Structural Engineer's Career Path: A Circle?

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My true passion is on the technical side as well.  I was able to go into our
Special Projects group and specialize in blast design, seismic, forensics,
code research and development, etc.  The managerial track is easier
advancement, but I enjoy the technical side.  

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Structural Engineer's Career Path: A Circle?
> I'd be interested in the points of view particularly of some of those
> strucs
> here who have been around the block at least once, have gone through the
> early training, been promoted "up" to management, done the manager's thing
> for a while, etc.
> I'm enjoying my role as a manager, and am now involved much more now in
> marketing--not just structural engineering, but consulting engineering
> services in general. But I find myself really MISSING the days when I did
> just plain DESIGN. I know my design skills are a bit rusty now. On those
> occasions when I'm called upon to do design, I find I have to think a bit
> before performing tasks that used to be second nature to me.
> I wonder if any of you "elder statesmen" (and I mean that in the best
> possible way) have experienced a time when you have decided to chuck all
> the
> trappings of "prestige and power" and gone back to being a structural
> designer again? Do you ever get to the point where you can expect to
> perform
> that role and function, and still get paid a progressive salary?
> Or can you never go home again?
> I'd be interested in hearing some responses to that.