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Re: repairing after quake

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Hakan, Merhaba -

Repair and retrofit provisions are works in progress in the U.S., so be
cautious about using these and translating the requirements for your typical
framing conditions with concrete frames and hollow clay tile infills.

For undamaged buildings that may need retrofits, try the Federal Emergency
Management Agency's (FEMA) publications numbers 306, 307, and 308 which may
be available for free from within the U.S. by calling 1-800-480-2520. (I'm
sending a package by mail to Ahmet Altiner in Gayreteppe soon, so if this
800 phone number approach doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll see if
I can get copies other ways for you.)

306 is titled "Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Concrete and Masonry Wall
buildings - Basic Procedures Manual"

307 is titled the same as 306 above - "Technical Resources"

308 provides a policy framework on the repair and upgrading of buildings for
seismic performance.

For undamaged buildings that are being considered for retrofits try:

The American Society of Civil Engineer's draft national Guidelines for the
Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings, FEMA 356 at: This draft reflects some of the
latest thinking, but still will see a lot of future debate,  additional
calibration and refinement.

You can also download the International Conference of Building Official's
draft "Guidelines for the Seismic Retrofit of Buildings" for free from You should focus on Chapter 8 for concrete
buildings of this publication. Again, this chapter is just one group's
proposal at this time and is subject to public review, comment, and an
upcoming hearing on May 1st.

Last month I had an opportunity to visit Gayreteppe. The Mahalle, your
Muhtar, Bedri Arisoy, and Mr. Altiner made feel very welcome. Have the best
of success in your efforts. Mahalle Afet Yonetimi is a good investment of
your time. Allaaismarladeck...(Sorry for my spelling)

Fred Turner, Staff Structural Engineer, California Seismic Safety
Commission, 1755 Creekside Oaks Drive Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95833
916-263-0582 Work Phone, 916-263-0594 Fax fturner(--nospam--at)
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Subject: repairing after quake

>hello , our code is not clarify anything about
>repairing buildings which damaged after earthquake,i
>dont know which criteria that u follow in  USA in
>similar cases but,can u please send me or help me to
>find the code for repairin damaged buildings (maybe
>there is a web site related, i dont know)
>thank u very much
>Hakan Ezcan SE
>PROBI Engineering
>Pazar Sokak 12/10
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