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RE: column base plate anchor bolts

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     I have allowed contractors to straighten bent and misalign A-307 anchor 
bolts in the past. This is done by chipping the concrete down 3 bolt diameters 
around the base of the bolt. This way most of the bend is below the base plate 
and things fit better. If the contractor wants to use heat he must use a heat 
crayon to check the temperatures. The concrete (500 F) and the steel (800 F). 
Most of the time the smaller diameters are cold bent. After bending the bolts 
are checked for cracking using a magnification glass. On very important bolts ( 
little redundancy ) I have even required dye penetration test for cracks. I do 
not allow bending of high strength bolts. High strength bolts are usually 
larger in diameter and do not bend with out heat which may effect there heat 

Acie Chance

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Subject:	column base plate anchor bolts

i have a condition where the contractor has installed column base plate
anchor bolts, and the bolts are not plumb.  some of the bolts are located in
an area where concrete beam and column intersect, and there is limited area
for the bolts.  i want him to plumb the bolts - he indicated it is common
practice to bend bolts straight after concrete has set.  is it possible to
straighten the bolts as he suggests without damaging and if so how?  how much
of a bend is it feasible to straighten?
Thanks - paul franceschi