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RE: column base plate anchor bolts

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Tell the contractor to get it right now before the concrete is poured!  It
is common practice for a contractor to suggest this, but not good practice
to allow it.  If the bolt is in tension, a bolt bent in that manner
introduces high spalling loads at the bend (which is right at the surface),
possibly reducing the bolt's capacity.  If tension loads are small and shear
loads predominate, it is not as critical but still not good practice.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland  CA

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	Subject:	column base plate anchor bolts

	i have a condition where the contractor has installed column base
	anchor bolts, and the bolts are not plumb.  some of the bolts are
located in 
	an area where concrete beam and column intersect, and there is
limited area 
	for the bolts.  i want him to plumb the bolts - he indicated it is
	practice to bend bolts straight after concrete has set.  is it
possible to 
	straighten the bolts as he suggests without damaging and if so how?
how much 
	of a bend is it feasible to straighten?
	Thanks - paul franceschi