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Column Base Pocket in Slab

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Do it the way that you want to.  Rest assured that there will always be a 
contractor that will want to do it another way.  In that case, ask him/her to 
submit the engineering necessary and the amount of credit that the owner will 
get in changing the detail.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Richard Lewis wrote:

>>I am working on a building that has some steel columns.  The building is a
light wood framed structure.  The foundation is a turned down slab on grade. 
I have a few steel columns in the building.  A little divergence here to make
a point.  The last time I designed a metal building the contractor asked me
why I did not recess the column base plates into the slab to cover the anchor
bolts.  I told him I understood metal building people preferred to bear the
column on top of the slab.  He told me he commonly recessed the column bases
into the slab.  With this building the foundation is similar to a metal
building, a turned down slab.  I would like to recess the column bases into
the slab to hide the anchor bolts and help with detailing the rest of the
structure.  Is it common to put in a "column pocket", say down 8 inches, as
you pour the slab so that the base of the column can be recessed into the