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RE: Wood Frame Floors - Level requirements

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RWC (Residential Warranty Corporation) used to use a standard of 1/4" in 32" (two joist spaces).  This is the standard that we always used with production builders and homeowners.  Personally, if the floor is out is out this much, it is pretty crappy construction, but that has been the standard used.
The 1/4" in 32" is for unlevelness anywhere on the floor.  Your 1 3/4" in 35 feet easily fits into this (by a factor of almost 2).  However, you may have local areas that do not fit it.  For example if the first inch of your 1 3/4" occurs over the first 10 feet.  The way we were always instructed to test for the unlevelness was to crawl around the floor with a 4 foot level, and if a pencil (about 1/4" tall) fit under it at the 2'-8" mark, at any spot on the floor, it exceeded the criteria.
The criteria is pretty lenient.  I have seen some pretty bad floors that did not "fail" the 1/4" in 32" test.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
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Subject: Wood Frame Floors - Level requirements

Does anyone know of a code requirement for the levelness of wood framed floors in residences?
Is there an allowable tolerance?
I have a situation in which the floor is 1-3/4 inches different in elevation in 35 feet.
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