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Re: Wood Frame Floors - Level requirements

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Bruce, there does not appear to be any tolerance for residential woodframed
floors in UBC, nor any particular dimensional standard for required wall
plumbness, as another example.

Perhaps this omission comes from the issue being essentially one of
esthetics or personal satisfaction, which is in the attitudes of the
beholder, rather than one concerning the code's stated purpose "to safeguard
life, limb, property, and public welfare." 

Safeguarding property seems to be limited to matters of slow structural
failures, decay and premature deterioration, to inordinately fast spread of
fire, and occasionally, to matters of unserviceability for the intended purpose.

As such, the floor levelness matter would be beyond the scope of the code's

Not that unhappy homeowners remain silent over framing and finish
workmanship they regard as below their own personal standards of
correctness. But the building code is not among the better weapons for them
to use in seeking redress of their esthetics-based grievances.

The question would seem to be one that is left to the competing opinions of
expert witnesses, including builder experts, and to the judge, jury, or
arbitrator trier of fact.

Any accepted, clearly applicable, non-code standards might be cited to good
effect in expert testimony.

Charles O. Greenlaw SE   Sacramento CA

At 08:46 AM 04/19/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a code requirement for the levelness of wood framed
floors in residences? 
>Is there an allowable tolerance?
>I have a situation in which the floor is 1-3/4 inches different in
elevation in 35 feet.
>Bruce Pooley
>Timber Design
>3448 South Newland Court
>Lakewood, CO 80227