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Re: When do you suspend service

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Dennis -

I can't advise on the legal pitfalls (or pratfalls), but the one time I
suspended service to a contractor it worked.  I was working for the
contractor on a design-build, and he had a bad pay history, so at 31
days I notified him that all further field questions would be answered
with the same rapidity as his payments.  The next question came at about
40 days, still with no payment.  I commiserated with the super, and
explained in full why I wouldn't answer his question.  He was unable to
proceed with a planned pour.  I received a check the next day via fedex
in full, and every 30 days thereafter until the job was done.  Frankly
the legal ramifications never crossed my mind, I just did what I had to
do to get what was owed me.

Good luck,