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A few comments:

Is the wall really 35' high? Are there intermediate floors?
I will assume intermediate support.

I would not push the envelope of plywood shearwalls that far.  I personally
don't think much of the code permissible 2" both sides nailing no matter
what framing member you use.  I try to avoid less than 3" nailing like the
plague, and prefer to use 4" both sides with heavy framing members.  I know
the code allows it, I just don't like it.  If you have ever looked at a wall
that has 2" nailing after removing the sheathing you would hesitate.

There are points where a material or a design are being forced.  If the
solution is being forced and the numbers won't figure the answer is change
the design.  One of my favorite college professors would quote an axiom of
"conservation of grief".  The perceived benefit in one area is translated
into a different problem somewhere else.

If the wall won't figure, change the material, or add additional walls.
Don't become married to a solution.

Pushing the boundaries of design is exciting and creative, pushing the
boundaries of materials is not always wise.  Some of the most inspirational
and exciting envelope pushing design solutions I have ever seen are using
materials or combinations of materials where each is contributing in the way
it was "meant" to, exploiting the natural and inherent strength of a
material in its most efficient state.  That is not is the same as asking a
rope to be a beam.

Anyway, some rambling comments from a tired man at the end of a long day.

Paul Feather

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>      What is the most anyone has ever calced for a plywood shearwall? Can
I use 3/4" plywood both sides and use values above the tables in the UBC?
Will I need 4x panel edge members?
>      I have a 35'+ high wall and need to keep it as thin as possible.  Non
load bearing, interior shear wall.  I already plan on using LVL studs and
steel boundary members.  Don't want to use masonry.  Need to push the
limits, and suggestions?
> Jake Watson, E.I.T.
> Salt Lake City, UT