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Re: Retaining Wall Loading

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Yes, the seismic load must be added to the load due to lateral pressure of
the backfill. The Mononobe-Okabe approach may be followed to evaluate E,
which is a derivation of the Coulomb theory. Check the AASHTO specifications
for further details.

Javier Encinas
ASDIP Structural Software
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Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 8:16 PM
Subject: Retaining Wall Loading

>Are seismic loads applied to a retaining wall in combination with the H
>UBC97 section 1612.2.2 & 1612.3.3 indicate that the H load should be
>with seismic. ASCE 7-95 does not give load combination that include E & H.
>Could anybody shed light on this? Thanks a lot!
>Rainier C. Catubig, S.E.
>San Diego, California