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RE: cantilevered columns

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The main pitfall, is designing a rigid connection from the column to the
foundation.  There can be excessive lateral drift due to the flexibility of
the connection.  

One solution as noted in a previous post is to provide a base and then place
a grade beam around the steel column.  This requires 2 separate concrete
placements, and does not allow for easy removal of the column in case of
vehicular impact damage.

Another solution is to form a pocket in the foundation, and the pocket is
grouted solid after the column is placed.  The form can be cast with an
undercut or a key.  

Another possible solution is to use headed anchor bolts with a bond breaker
on the bolt, a stiffened base plate, and tension the anchor bolts.

Harold Sprague

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> Is there any standard practice for the lateral support of drive thru's at
> banks for wind or earthquake?  I am doing a new bank that is being
> slightly
> copied from an existing.  The original engineer used moment connections on
> the beam to column connections for lateral stability.  I am thinking of
> using a cantilevered column with a spread footing to take the moment.  Is
> there any pitfalls with this?  Any other ideas (bank is wood framed with
> wood trusses for the most part, steel where needed.)
> thanks,
> Mike