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Managing Business

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I asked a question earlier about project management, ie. what books,
journals, software, etc. that people recommend to help in balancing workload
with staff resources.  I didn't receive a lot of feedback, so thought I
might try it a different way.

I would love to hear from those of you who are "successfully" implementing
project management so as to promote a reasonable work load for all involved
(including the boss). What types of project management are being using out
there.  I.e.. 1)Monday morning meeting to share work load, 2) One project
manager distributing the work load, 3) Each engineer takes care of his own
load and asks for help if need be, etc.

Stated another do you estimate time to finish a project and
coordinate this with the resources (staff) you have in your office.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Brackman, EIT (soon to be PE - hopefully :-)