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RE: When do you suspend service

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Several years ago, I was having trouble collecting on a project.  My
contract was with the Owner.  I made an appointment with the Owner,
explained that I had not been paid for several months, and I said that my
only recourse was to file a mechanic's lean.

(It is probably important to mention that I found out that it was a "family"
business not many generations from Sicily.  The Owner had a strong
propensity for cash, talked about his Godfather a lot, and looked over his
shoulder frequently.  He wasn't Sammy the Bull, but I think that my client
knew him.)

After explaining to the Owner the recourse of a mechanic's lean, he
explained to me what getting "thumped" meant.  I did not file a lean, I
lived to see the morning, and eventually I got paid with a check.

Harold Sprague

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> Short and sweet, file a mechanics' lien .....that will get everyone's 
> attention...pretty quickly....
> When I practiced engineering, and faced with the same scenario, I filed a 
> lien....the owner's attorney contacted me...and I got paid even though the
> architect was holding my money...
> George Hakim