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RE: When do you suspend service

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Title: RE: When do you suspend service
Just to make my earlier statements clear. I have a specific clause in my contracts that allows me to suspend work if payments are over 15 days late. I also require a retainer that is applied only to the final payment. If clients don't want to do that they can find another engineer. I don't care. In fact, this has weeded out a bunch of deadbeat clients. (How do you think they got rich in the first place?) I also specifically exclude field services and construction services from my lunp sum design fees, making them specifically T&M. When construction time rolls around the client is obliged to send a new retainer to cover my services. The balance on this account is always positive and I refund any unused portion after the fact. This eliminates any conflicts. Oh, if the balance goes negative, I suspend services, per my contract.
My long term clients (and there are many) do not see these clauses because they are reputable. Its the first time clients that cause problems.
Dennis may have the ability to sue after the fact for an equitable solution like unjust enrichment of his client. But, without proper anticipation of these problems, the engineer can get really screwed.
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I would like to join the chorus of those advising you not to suspend work, or to suspend work ONLY as a last resort and after