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Re: When do you suspend service

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Hello Harold,
I got the message......In a case like yours, I would waive my fees.....Filing 
a lien to collect for services is not risk proof...all the times....
First you have the legal costs if you hired an attorney to do it for 
you....Second you have no guarantee of collecting the full amount....Third 
the owner may get P.O'd at you...Fourth you may not see another job from the 
architect who held up your money to begin with and caused all this 
fiasco....Fifth, the owner's cousin may come to visit you....unexpectedly...
Even in my humble scenario, I only collected $900 out of $1800 owed me by the 
AIA...but that's the price of doing business..
What I always advise is to have an arbitration clause in your contract with 
attrneys fees provisions should legal action is needed to enforce the terms 
of the agreement ( ie collecting your money!!)
at least you MAY collect your costs....subject to the above conditions...

George hakim