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Re: When do you suspend service

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    <<  (How do you think they got rich in the first place?)   >>
In almost every construction scenario there is a screwe and a screwor.  As long as they do not recognize which is which everything comes out all right in the end.
There is not much way to protect yourself from a person that has set out to beat you out of your fees from the get-go except stay away from the sombitch.  I had a long time engineer friend that was also a land surveyor.  His rule of thumb for setting his fee was to estimate what the job was worth, double it and ask for half of his money in advance.  He had but three digits on his seal.  All y'all ( "all y'all" is plural for y'all ) with five and six digits could have learned a lot from this man.
I had to laugh at the engineer that panicked when a client's billing got 45 days past what he thought was the due date.  Around here that same client would have been entitled to a prompt payment discount.
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)