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Re: Bent Clip Plates

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Hi Charlie,
We have experienced cracks in clips not bent to the correct radius.
Now all clips are cold bent to '2t', this should eliminate cracking.
It should also be noted that when cracked clips were struck with
a hammer on site the clips failed.
Andy Costello

At 10:42 AM 4/21/00 -0400, Canitz, Charles F NAB02 wrote:
>A contractor has requested(at the behest of the site inspector) that I
>inspect bent clip plates(used to transmit beam gravity loads) due to the
>presence of cracks at the outside corner(they radiate from the N.A. to the
>outside corner) of the bend. The cracks(two) also occur at the top and
>bottom edges of the bent corner of the plate. They are almost "surface"
>cracks in nature in that they are approximately 0.03 in wide and 1/8" deep.
>The plate is 5/16" thick and 5 1/2" wide. The one outstanding leg is
>oriented approximately 120 degrees relative to the other. I've requested
>what bending radius was used and if the plate was bent parallel or
>perpendicular to its "roll".
>Since the transmitted reactions are "light"(less than 4 kips), my
>recommendation is to surface grind to remove the cracks and install the
>My question is are these type of cracks typical for bent plates?
>Thanks In Advance!
>Charlie Canitz