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"Home-Built" Trusses

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I have a (home builder) client who wants to build his own roof trusses,
rather than go to a truss manufacturer.

He wants to use glued OSB gussets each side of each joint.  He wants to use
Elmer's Professional Carpenter's Wood Glue.  I've used Elmer's glue in
re-gluing a couple kitchen chairs; I'm not impressed.

I'm within minutes of telling him to go somewhere else.

Three questions:

1.  Is Surebond, SB-400, suitable for this application?

2.  If not, do you have (or know of) a product which is?

3.  Assuming we "can" glue the joints, is this an application in which OSB
is appropriate?

I have calls in to both Trus Joist MacMillan and Surebond on their
products, but (wouldn't you know it?) their offices are closed today.

'Appreciate any of your comments.

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