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Re: "Home-Built" Trusses

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Hello Fountain,

The "Midwest Plan Service" has a publication "Designs for Glued Trusses"

They suggest that you use 3/8" or 1/2" plywood for the gussets (on both
sides of the truss members)

They also suggest that you use Casein or Epoxy resin glues.

Finally, they recommend that 5d or 6d box nails be used to nail the gusset
to the truss,  nails spaced at 2" centers.

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Fountain Conner wrote:

> I have a (home builder) client who wants to build his own roof trusses,
> rather than go to a truss manufacturer.
> He wants to use glued OSB gussets each side of each joint.  He wants to use
> Elmer's Professional Carpenter's Wood Glue.  I've used Elmer's glue in
> re-gluing a couple kitchen chairs; I'm not impressed.
> I'm within minutes of telling him to go somewhere else.

It might work.  BUT if he's trying to save money on the trusses is he
going to also have you design the trusses ?

> Three questions:
> 1.  Is Surebond, SB-400, suitable for this application?
> 2.  If not, do you have (or know of) a product which is?
> 3.  Assuming we "can" glue the joints, is this an application in which OSB
> is appropriate?

I would use plywood.

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