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"Been over 20 years now, and none of hem have fallen that I know of."

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I wish this could be incorporated into the codes.  It sure would save
a lot of plan review time.

I remember seeing some "home built" trusses in Unity, Oregon about 20
years ago.  (We should have a contest to see if anyone knows where
Unity is.)  The houses were built for the school district because
there was no rental housing available.  2x4 members w/ 1/4-inch
plywood gussets & 4d nails and no glue.  They may still be there????

By the way folks, the Oregon One and Two Family Dwelling Specialty
Code (Appendix E) now has provisions for Straw-Bale Structures.  And
you folks in the south (L.A.) thought we weren't progressive up
north!!!  "The purpose of this appendix chapter is to establish
minimum prescriptive standards of safety for the construction of
structures that use baled straw as a load-bearing or nonload-bearing
material."  "Effective Date April 1, 2000"   Mice, insects and molds
will love this in western Oregon.

Have a fun day.

Tarno Coleman, PE
Plan Check Engineer
e-mail: tcoleman(--nospam--at)
Marion County Building Inspection
PO Box 14500, Salem, Oregon  97309