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RE: Steel Plate Availability

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As with anything, it depends.  

If you have a lot of plate to order, 50 ksi is no big deal.  Plate girders
use them all the time.  I have used 50 ksi for a series of big trusses.  But
if it is a small amount of plate, I would keep it simple and stay with 36
ksi steel.  Call a fabricator in the area near the project site, and ask

In general, the "keep it simple" rule is the most economical, and prudent.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Steel Plate Availability
> I have some large industrial steel structures that will be utilizing
> Special
> Concentric Braced Frames.  The bracing gusset plates will be given special
> design attention and I would like to keep the thickness down by using 50
> ksi
> plate.  Is 50 ksi plate readily available in the 3/8 inch through 1 inch
> sizes??
> OR should I keep life simple and just stay with A36 plate??
> Thomas Hunt, S.E.
> Duke/Fluor Daniel