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Re: Snow Drift

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Hey Todd!!! Hows things in KC?  If I understand your question right, just treat the low roof like a parapet condition, with adjacent roof drift. With the high roof sloping away from you, you dont need to worry about sliding surcharge.   Keep those Architects in line!

>>> Todd Hill <thill(--nospam--at)> 04/24/00 11:18AM >>>
I have two roofs sloping perpendicular to one another with a parapet wall in
The upper roof is 5:12, the lower roof ( with an average height of 20 feet
lower & Pg=25psf for both) is 3:12.
In calculating snow drift, does it matter that the roofs are sloping
Or is the key parameter just the difference in height?  

UBC 1641.3.2 covers nonparallel ridge lines where the roofs are "connected"
(looking at figure A-16-12) almost treating it as sliding, but what if there
is no connection to these roofs except from a parapet.

  |____^____|   <Lower Roof
  |       |       |
  |       |       |            
  |   <  |  >   |    <Upper Roof 
  |       |       |
(Excuse my crude sketch)

Any help would be appreciated.

Todd Hill
TK Architects, Inc.