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RE: ASTM A513 Tubing

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The T5 probably indicates a Type 5 which means that it is mandrel drawn to
obtain closer dimensional tolerance.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	RE: ASTM A513 Tubing
> Nicholas,
> A513 is an electric resistance welded mechanical tube, and is manufactured
> from a wide variety of steel material grades that may either be a carbon
> steel or an alloy steel.
> I do not know what the T5 indicates.  Carbon contents vary from 0.08 to
> 0.66.  Weldability and ductility may be a big issue.  Have them submit the
> heats.  The welding may have to be qualified, and should be tested.  I
> would not use it if it is part of a frame requiring ductility.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague
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> 	Subject:	ASTM A513 Tubing
> 	Importance:	High
> 	A contractor is requesting a substitution of ASTM A513 for ASTM
> A500-GrB
> 	structural steel tubing.  Does anyone have any information on the
> use of
> 	A513 for structural purposes and whether there are any welding and
> 	ductility issues to look out for.  The mill cert. states that
> fy=86.5ksi
> 	and fu=97.3ksi and lists the steel as A513-97 T5.  The tube in
> question
> 	is 7" diameter 1/2" sidewall with a proposed full pen. weld splice
> at
> 	2/3H.  The design is driven by deflection criteria not stresses.
> 	Thanks
> 	Nicholas Blackburn, PE
> 	nblackburn(--nospam--at)