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Re: Design rules / codes for the USA

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To the List:

I think it would be helpful to Rico and to us as a group to have a list of
analysis and design standards that we use and the related web-sites or phone
numbers for
ordering.  Perhaps it should be on the SEAINT web site.  I think that it
could become a large list with dozens of organizations and hundreds of
reference documents.

Here's a beginning, based on my office practice.  Perhaps others could add
to the list (including favorite reference documents), or make corrections,
and send it back to the list.
Building Structures -- new
  Uniform Building Code                             ICBO

Building Structures -- existing
   Uniform Code for Building Conservation  ICBO

   Struct. welding code
   and numerous references                      AWS

    Manual of Standard Concrete Practice
    and numerous references                            ACI

    Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
    and numerous references                           PCA

Reinforcing Steel
   numerous references                           CRSI

   numerous references                           APA    253-565-6600

    numerous references                          ASTM

Structural steel
    Steel Construction Manual
    and numerous references                      AISC    312-670-2400

Engineering practice
    numerous references                         ACEC

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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>From Rico Harzer

I'm a German civil engineer, spezialized in structural design and engineer
mechanicals. I'ld like to get some informations about the rules and safety
codes for structural design in the USA. Maybe some of the engineers which
join this web-site are able to send me some informations.

For answers and requests please use the email - adress above and type "For

Thanks !

Rico Harzer