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RE: Beams replacement

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Check out the web site  There are several types of
launchers, gantries, etc. for bridge construction that you may find helpful.
Look at the "Update- Gantry Collapses on the Broadway Bridge" on the main
page, and the "Current Bridge Projects" pages. 
Another source is the Florida DOT web site  Look at the "Bridge of the
month" section to link to: Evans Crary Bridge; Seabreeze Bridge; Fuller
Warren Bridge; and the 17th Street Approach Span.  These sites show views of
various erection methods.  The 17th Street Approach illustrates the
"Balanced Cantilever" and the "Progressive Cantilever Method".

Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Monday, April 24, 2000 5:02 PM
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> Subject:	Beams replacement
> Hi,
> I m working on a project of rehabilitation and replacement of a damaged 
> single beams of a post tensionned bridge.
> We think about the replacement of the beams, and we have two spans (only
> two 
> of the bridge which were, in 1986,strenghted by an external post 
> tensionning. Unfortunately, that process was not applied well, and now we 
> have a total damaged beams with a risk of 90% of a collapse.
> So, the bridge can't support more than 12 tonnes as a maximum load. The 
> method of replacement, i think, is becoming difficult to design.
> So, It will be very grateful if you can help me to resolve this problem (I
> need by the way some pictures of launchers, and their weights, capacity of
> loads lifting...).
> If anyone interested in,want to send to him some pictures of how damaged
> is 
> the bridge, i'll do.
> Please, respond me as soon as possible and Thank you in advance.
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> Kamal Aghbal
> Project Manager,S.E, Morocco.
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