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Re: Dynamics television program

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Dear Harold:

What you may have seen was a program  "UNDERSTANDING  BRIDGES  that aired on 
the TLC   (the Learning Channel)  -  but I'm not positive 

I saw a companion program " Understanding  Skyscrapers"  that  was one of the 
better programs on the "ENGINEERING"  of skyscraper.

I well aware of the TV Production company  WARDTV  that produced the series.

  There is apparently no plans for the repeat of the UNDERSTANDING 
SKYSCRAPERS program in the near future.  However the companion program,  
Understanding Bridges  will air on June 7, 2000 at 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 am.  
(Eastern Time Zone ?)    Check your cable listing for the exact times.  

Apparently videos of these program may be available.   If you are interested 
in purchasing the videos you can call The Discovery Channel directly at 

Also you many want to check the following website:

Hope this helps

Bob  Johnson