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beam gages

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Apologies if this has already been covered.

On a recent project I specified "standard beam gage" as a dimension for
holes in the flange of a wide flange beam.  I was somewhat surprised to get
a call from the steel detailer asking what the standard beam gage was for
certain sized beams.  My office has the old "Manual of Steel Construction -
7th edition" which has most of the shapes and gages listed.  However, my
ninth edition of the same manual has several more wide flange beams listed.

Does anybody know the standard beam gages for:
W12 x 210 - W12 x 336
W18 x 130 - W18 x 311
W21 x 166 - W21 x 402
W24 x 176 - W24 x 492
W27 x 194 - W27 x 539
W30 x 235 - W30 x 581
W33 x 263 - W33 x 619
W36 x 328 - W36 x 848
all of the W40's and all of the W44's

Admittedly, I may not ever use shapes this big / heavy but it would be nice
to know these gages.

If you could also list the reference publication that would help.

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.

david adie