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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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we  are  firm of more  than 100 structural engineers
mainly  ASD  very  very  little LRFD

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From: "Mario A. Tioli D." <mtdingen(--nospam--at)>, on 04/25/2000 11:00 
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Scott E Maxwell wrote:
> First, let me apologize to the rest of the list for opening this can of
> worms again.
> I am doing and informal survey to see how many people still use ASD.
> I am NOT trying find which method is better or why, but just trying to
> see how many people have made the switch.
> Now, a simple question for you...which of the following best describes 
> use of steel design methods in your offce:
> 1) Only use ASD
> 2) Only use LRFD
> 3) Mainly use ASD but some LRFD
> 4) Mainly use LRFD but some ASD
> Thanks,
> Scott Maxwell, SE, PE
3) Mainly use ASD but some LRDF

Mario A. Tioli, PE.