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RE: Bolted Column Splices

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The only restrictions for bolted column splices are contained in section 7.2
and section 8.2.

Section 8.3 was developed for specific types of welded column splices that
are problematic.  Also absent in section 8.3 are provisions for full
penetration weld splices because there was no particular concern.  

The column splices still must meet the requirements of section 7.  Bolted
joints (whether a column splice or not) must meet the requirements of
section 7.2.

As long as the column splice (welded or bolted) complies with section 8.2
and 7. there should not be a problem.

I hope this helps.

Harold Sprague

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> The 1997 AISC seismic provisions, section 8.3, provide design details for
> welded
> column splices however is silent about bolted column splices.  Does anyone
> know
> of any restrictions in using a bolted column splice in seismic zone 4??
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