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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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> Now, a simple question for you...which of the following best describes the
> use of steel design methods in your offce:
> 1) Only use ASD
> 2) Only use LRFD
> 3) Mainly use ASD but some LRFD
> 4) Mainly use LRFD but some ASD

We are using ASD for building design and LRFD for bridge design for our
small office (6 engineers, 13 employees total) in Oklahoma. The use LRFD for
bridge design is mandated by the state DOT. The use of ASD for steel
building design is mandated by our firm's owner. Our workload is split about
50/50 on average between bridges and buildings.

If it helps your survey, I know of only one firm in Oklahoma actively
practicing LRFD in all their design work. The balance of the firms are still
resisting the transition.

IMHO, using two methods in parallel is counter-productive. I'd love to pick
one and leave the other behind, no matter which.


Chad Grinsteiner